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300 Popcap Gamehouse Ango’s Games Collection

Popcap Games Collection


Category: Games

Subcategory: Windows

Size: 1.68 gigabyte

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All PopCap Games [P] [RUS/ENG / ENG] (2009)


Amazing Adventures Around The World
Amazing Adventures Lost Tomb
Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret
Alice Greenfingers
Astro Pop
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Reflexive Game Collection [Trial] [ENG / ENG] (2010)


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150 Mega Collection GameHouse Games (2005-2009) [ENG]


Academy of Magic
Adventure Inlay
Adventure Inlay: Safari Edition
Air Strike 3D
Alien Sky
Aloha Solitaire
Aloha TriPeaks
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Big Fish Games – Complete Collection [UB/K] (2009)


Adventure Chronicles
Agatha Christie – Peril at End House
Airport Mania – First Flight
Alice Greenfingers
Alice Greenfingers 2
Ancient Hearts and Spades
Ancient Quest of Saqqarah
Ancient Spiders
Ancient Sudoku
Ancient Trijong
Ancient Tripeaks
Ancient Tripeaks 2
Apiary Quest
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Delicious Super Pack [RePack] [ENG + RUS] (2006-2015)



Delicious Deluxe
Delicious Winter edition
Delicious 2
Delicious 3: Emily’s Tea Garden
Delicious 4: Emily’s Taste of Fame / Объедение от Эмили. Вкус к славе (русская версия)
Delicious 5: Emily’s Holiday Season
Delicious 6: Emily’s Childhood Memories Premium Edition
Delicious 7: Emily’s True Love Premium Edition
Delicious 8: Emily’s Wonder Wedding Premium Edition
Delicious 9: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise Premium Edition
Delicious 10: Emily’s New Beginning Premium Edition / Delicious. Новое начало. Премиум издание (русская версия)
Delicious 11: Emily’s Home Sweet Home (Premium Edition)

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