Дата выхода: 200?-2013
Дата выхода в России: 200?-2013
Жанр: Поиск предметов, Я ищу
Разработчик: Puppet Life, Alawar, Sulys Games, Elephant Games, Blue Tea Games и многие др.
Издатель: Alawar, Nevosoft, Realore, НД, Акелла, Руссобит-М, Big Fish Games и многие др.
Издатель в России: Alawar, Nevosoft, Realore, НД, Акелла, Руссобит-М, Big Fish Games и многие др.
Тип издания: Пиратка и лицензия
Язык интерфейса: Английский, Русский
Язык озвучки: -/-
Язык субтитров: Английский, Русский
Системные требования:
ОС: Windows XP, 7, Vista
Процессор: Pentium 4 2.0 ГГц
Память:256 Мб ОЗУ
Видеокарта: 128 Мб DirectX 9-совместимая 3D видеокарта
Таблетка: присутствует + не требуется


Поиск Предметов – заставит вас почувствовать себя настоящим детективом. Стили могут значительно варьироваться: подводные приключения, уголовные дела и даже свадьбы. Смысл этих игр в поиске различных скрытых объектов, которые разбросаны повсюду. Переводом игр занимается не только Alawar и Nevosoft но и многие другие кампании (Новый Диск, Акелла и др.), а также фанаты переводчики.

1 Penguin 100 Cases
3 Days 1. Zoo Mystery
3 Days 2. Amulet Secret
9. The Dark Side Of Notre Dame
10 Days Under The Sea
20 Days To Find Ann
20.000 Leagues Under the Sea
1001 Nights. The Adventures of Sindbad
1912 Titanic Mystery
Abandoned. Chestnut Lodge Asylum
Abyss. The Wraiths of Eden
A Dana Knightstone Novel 1. Death at Fairing Point
A Dana Knightstone Novel 2. Death Under Tuscan Skies
A Dana Knightstone Novel 3. Death Upon an Austrian Sonata
Affair Bureau
Agatha Christie. 4-50 from Paddington
Agatha Christie. Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie. Peril at End House
Age of Enigma. The Secret of The Sixth Ghost
Alabama Smith 1. In Escape from Pompeii
Alabama Smith 2. In The Quest Of Fate
Alchemy Mysteries
Alexandra Fortune. Mystery Of The Lunar Archipelago
Alice In Wonderland
Allora and the Broken Portal
Amanda Rose. The Game Of Time
Amaranthine Voyage. The Tree of Life
Amazing Heists. Dillinger
Amelie’s Adventure. Mystery Cruise
Amulet of Time. Shadow of la Rochelle
Ancient Adventures. Gift Of Zeus
Ancient Secrets. Mystery of the Vanishing Bride
Ancient Spirits. Columbus Legacy
Angela Young 2. Escape the Dreamscape
Animal Agents
Ankh. The Lost Treasures
Annie’s Millions
Apothecarium. Renaissance of Evil
Arizona Rose and the Pirates’ Riddles
Art Detective
Artifacts of the Past. Ancient Mysteries
Art of Murder. Deadly Secrets
Art of Murder. The Secret Files
Atlantic Journey. The Lost Brother
Atlantis. Mysteries of Ancient Inventors
Autumn’s Treasures. The Jade Coin
Awakening 1. The Dreamless Castle
Awakening 2. Moonfell Wood
Awakening 3. The Goblin Kingdom
Awakening 4. The Skyward Castle
A Wizard’s Curse
Azada 1
Azada 2. Ancient Magic
Azada 3. In Libro
Azada 4. Elementa
Barn Yarn
Becky Brogan. The Mystery of Meane Manor
Bedtime Stories. The Lost Dreams
Behind the Reflection 1
Behind the Reflection 2. Witch’s Revenge
Between The Worlds 1
Between The Worlds 2. The Pyramid
Big City Adventure 1. San Francisco
Big City Adventure 2. Sydney, Australia
Bigfoot. Chasing Shadows
Biggest Little Adventure
Blacked Out
Blood Oath
Blood Ties
Bluebeard’s Castle
Book Of Legends
Born Into Darkness
Break The Curse. The Crimson Gems
Brink of Consciousness 1. Dorian Gray Syndrome
Brink of Consciousness 2. The Lonely Hearts Murders
Campfire Legends 1. The Hookman
Campfire Legends 2. The Babysitter
Campfire Legends 3. The Last Act
Cassandra’s Journey 1. The Legacy Of Nostradamus
Cassandra’s Journey 2. The Fifth Sun
Celtic Lore. Sidhe Hills
Charlaine Harris. Dying for Daylight
Chimeras. Tune of Revenge
Chost Hunters
Christmas Stories. Nutcracker
Christmas Tales. Fellinas Journey
Christmas Wonderland
Chronicles of Albian. The Magic Convention
Chronicles of Mystery 1. The Legend of the Sacred Treasure
Chronicles of Mystery 2. Secret of the Lost Kingdom
Chronoclasm Chronicles
City of Fools
City Style
Clairvoyant. Magician Mystery
Columbus. Ghost of the Mystery Stone
Column of the Maya
Committed. Mystery at Shady Pines
Coyotes Tale. Fire And Water
Crime And Punishment. Who Framed Raskolnikov
Criminal Minds
Cross Worlds. The Flying City
Cruel Games. Red Riding Hood
Cruise Clues. Caribbean Adventure
Cursed Memories. The Secret of Agony Creek
Curse of the Pharaoh 1. The Quest for Nefertiti
Curse of the Pharaoh 2. Napoleon’s Secret
Dark Alleys. Penumbra Motel
Dark Arcana. The Carnival
Dark Canvas. A Brush With Death
Dark Dimensions 1. City of Fog
Dark Dimensions 2. Wax Beauty
Dark Heritage. Guardians of Hope
Dark Hills of Cherai 1
Dark Hills of Cherai 2. The Regal Scepter
Dark Mysteries. The Soul Keeper
Dark Parables 1. Curse of Briar Rose
Dark Parables 2. The Exiled Prince
Dark Parables 3. Rise Of The Snow Queen
Dark Parables 4. The Red Riding Hood Sisters
Dark Ritual
Dark Strokes. Sins of the Fathers
Dark Tales 1. Edgar Allan Poes. Murders in the Rue Morgue
Dark Tales 2. Edgar Allan Poes. The Black Cat
Dark Tales 3. Edgar Allan Poes. The Premature Burial
Dark Tales 4. Edgar Allan Poes. The Gold Bug
Dark Tales 5. Edgar Allan Poes. The Masque of the Red Death
Deadly Voltage. Rise of the Invincible
Deadtime Stories
Death Pages. Ghost Library
Department 42. The Mystery of the Nine
Depths of Betrayal
Detective Agency 1
Detective Agency 2
Detective Quest. The Crystal Slipper
Detective Stories. Hollywood
Diamon Jones. Devil’s Contract
DinerTown. Detective Agency
Discovery! A Seek And Find Adventure
Dominic Crane 1. Dreamscape Mystery
Dominic Crane 2. Dark Mystery Revealed
Doors of the Mind. Inner Mysteries
Downtown Secrets
Dracula. Love Kills
Drawn 1. The Painted Tower
Drawn 2. Dark Flight
Drawn 3. Trail of Shadows
Dream Chronicles 1
Dream Chronicles 2
Dream Chronicles 3. The Chosen Child
Dream Chronicles 4
Dream Chronicles 5. The Book of Water
Dream Day 1. Wedding
Dream Day 2. Honeymoon
Dream Day 3. First Home
Dream Day 4. Wedding Married in Manhattan
Dream Mysteries. Case of the Red Fox
Dreamscapes. The Sandman
Dreams from the Past
Dream Sleuth
E.P.I.C. Wishmaster Adventures
Easter Eggztravaganza
Eastville Chronicles. The Drama Queen Murder
Echoes of Sorrow
Echoes of the Past 1. Royal House of Stone
Echoes of the Past 2. The Castle of Shadows
Echoes of the Past 3. The Citadels of Time
Echoes of the Past 4. The Revenge of the Witch
Elementals. The Magic Key
Elementary My Dear Majesty
Elixir Of Immortality
Elley Christmas
Elly’s Quest. Abandoned Children Mansion
Empress of the Deep 1
Empress of the Deep 2. Song of the Blue Whale
Enchantia. Wrath of the Phoenix Queen
Enigma Agency. The Case of Shadows
Enigmatis. The Ghosts of Maple Creek
Enlightenus 2. The Timeless Tower
Escape From Frankensteins Castle
Escape from Lost Island
Escape from Thunder Island
Escape The Lost Kingdom
Escape the Museum 1
Escape the Museum 2
Escape the Museum 3
Eternal Journey. New Atlantis
European Mystery. Scent of Desire
Fabled Legends. The Dark Piper
Faded Reality
Fairy Tale Mysteries. The Puppet Thief
Family Tales. The Sisters
Family Vacation. California
Fantastic Creations. House of Brass
Farm Mystery. The Horror of Orchardville
Fathers Secret. The Lost City. Episode One
Fear for Sale 1. The Mystery of McInroy Manor
Fear for Sale 2. Sunnyvale Story
Fiction Fixers. The Curse of Oz
Fierce Tales. The Dog’s Heart
Final Cut. Death on the Silver Screen
Finding Hope
Find Your Own Way Home
Fishdom H2O. Hidden Odyssey
Flower of Immortality
Flux Family Secrets. The Time Ripple
Forbidden Secrets. Alien Town
Foreign Dreams
Forgotten Places. Lost Circus
G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles. Phantom of the Renaissance Faire
Gardenscapes 1
Gardenscapes 2
Ghost Towns. The Cats Of Ulthar
Ghost Wisperer
Goddess Chronicles
Golden Trails 1. The New Western Rush
Golden Trails 2. The Lost Legacy
Golden Trails 3. The Guardian’s Creed
Gothic Fiction. Dark Saga
Gourmania 1
Gourmania 2. Great Expectations
Gourmania 3. Zoo Zoom!
Grace’s Quest. To Catch An Art Thief
Gravely Silent. House of Deadlock
Great Secrets. Da Vinci
Great Secrets. Nostradamus
Green Moon
Grim Facade 1. Mystery Of Venice
Grim Facade 2. Sinister Obsession
Grim Facade 3. Cost of Jealousy
Grim Tales 1. The Bride
Grim Tales 2. The Legacy
Grim Tales 3. The Wishes
Grim Tales 4. The Stone Queen
Guardians of Beyond. Witchville
Hallowed Legends 1. Samhain
Hallowed Legends 2. The Templar
Hallowed Legends 3. Ship of Bones
Haunted Halls 1. Green Hills Sanitarium
Haunted Halls 2. Fears from Childhood
Haunted Halls 3. Revenge of Dr.Blackmore
Haunted Hotel 1
Haunted Hotel 2. Believe the Lies
Haunted Hotel 3. Lonely Dream
Haunted Hotel 4. Charles Dexter Ward
Haunted Legends 1. The Queen of Spades
Haunted Legends 2. The Bronze Horseman
Haunted Manor 1. Lord of Mirrors
Haunted Manor 2. Queen of Death
Haunted Mansion. Mirrors
Haunted Past. Realm of Ghosts
Haunting Mysteries. Island of Lost Souls
Hawaiian Explorer 1. Pearl Harbor
Hawaiian Explorer 2. Lost Island
HdO Adventure. 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea. Captain Nemo
HdO Adventure. Aladdin And The Enchanted Lamp
HdO Adventure. Alice in Wonderland
HdO Adventure. Around The World In Eighty Days. The Challenge
HdO Adventure. A Vampire Romance – Paris Stories
HdO Adventure. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
HdO Adventure. FBI Paranormal Cases
HdO Adventure. Frankenstein. The Dismembered Bride
HdO Adventure. Girls in the City
HdO Adventure. Hollywood. The Directors Cut Extended Edition
HdO Adventure. Jack the Ripper. Letters from Hell
HdO Adventure. Profiler
HdO Adventure. Public Enemies. Bonnie And Clyde
HdO Adventure. The Three Musketeers. D’Artagnan and the 12 Jewels
HdO Adventure. The Time Machine – Trapped in Time
HdO Adventure. Treasure Island. The Golden Bug
Herods Lost Tomb
Hidden Expedition. Amazon
Hidden Expedition. Everest
Hidden Expedition. The Uncharted Islands
Hidden Expedition. Titanic
Hidden in Time. Mirror Mirror
Hidden Magic
Hidden Mysteries. Royal Family Secrets
Hidden Mysteries. Salem Secrets
Hidden Mysteries. Vampire Secrets
Hidden Object Crosswords
Hidden Object Show. Season 1
Hidden Object Show. Season 2
Hidden Relics
Hidden Secrets. The Nightmare
Hidden World Of Art 1
Hidden World Of Art 2
Hide & Secret 1. Treasure of the Ages
Hide & Secret 3. Pharaoh’s Secret
Hide & Secret 4. The Lost World
Hostile Makeover
House of 1000 Doors 1. Family Secrets
House of 1000 Doors 2. The Palm of Zoroaster
Howlville. The Dark Past
HвO Adventure. Secrets Of The Vatican. The Holy Lance
Immortal Lovers
Inbetween Land
Infected. The Twin Vaccine
In Search of the Lost Temple
Insider Tales 1. The Stolen Venus
Insider Tales 2. Secret of Casanova
Insider Tales 3. Vanished In Rome
Insider Tales 4. The Stolen Venus 2
Inspector Magnusson. Murder on the Titanic
Isla Dorada – Episode 1. The Sands of Ephranis
Island. The Lost Medallion
It’s All About Masks
Jade Rousseau – The Secret Revelations The Fall of Sant’ Antonio
Jane Angel. Templar Mystery
Jassica 1. Mystererious Journey
Jassica 2. Secret Carribean Sea
Jessica 3. Mistery of Curshavel
Jewel Quest Mysteries 1. Curse Of The Emerald Tear
Jewel Quest Mysteries 2. Trail of the Midnight Heart
Jewel Quest Mysteries 3. The Seventh Gate
Jewel Quest Mysteries 4. The Oracle of Ur
Joan Jade And The Gates Of Xibalba
Journalistic Investigations. Stolen Inheritance
Journey. The Heart of Gaia
Journey of Hope
Judge Dee. The City God Case
Kate Arrow. Deserted Wood
Kellie Statford
Ketty Kidman
Kingdom Of Seven Seals
Lake House. Children of Silence
Lara Gates. The Lost Talisman
Laura Jones 1. The Gates Of Good And Evil
Laura Jones 2. The Secret Heritage
Letters from Nowhere 1
Letters from Nowhere 2
Linda Hyde 2. Das Vatikan Geheimnis
Live Novels Jane Austen’s. Pride and Prejudice
Living Legends. Ice Rose
Lost Chronicles 1. Salem
Lost Chronicles 2. Fall of Caesar
Lost in the City 1
Lost in the City 2. Post Scriptum
Lost Lagoon 1. The Trail Of Destiny
Lost Lagoon 2. Cursed and Forgotten
Lost Realms 1. Legacy of the Sun Princess
Lost Realms 2. The Curse of Babylon
Lost Secrets. Ancient Mysteries
Lost Secrets. Caribbean Explorer Secrets of the Sea
Lost Souls. Enchanted Paintings
Lost Tales. Forgotten Souls
Love And Death. Bitten
Love Chronicles 1. The Spell
Love Chronicles 2. The Sword and the Rose
Love Story 1. Letters From The Past
Love Story 2. The Beach Cottage
Luxor Adventures
Macabre Mysteries. Curse of the Nightingale
Maestro 1. Music of Death
Maestro 2. Notes of Life
Maestro 3. Music from the Void
Magic Academy
Magic Academy 2
Magic Encyclopedia 1. First Story
Magic Encyclopedia 2. Moon Light
Magic Encyclopedia 3. Illusions
Mahjong Secrets
Margrave. The Curse of the Severed Heart
Margrave Manor 2. The Lost Ship
Marooned 2. Secrets of the Akoni
Mary Kay Andrews. The Fixer Upper
Masquerade Mysteries. The Case of the Copycat Curator
Master Thief. Skyscraper Sting
Matchmaker 1. Joining Hearts
Matchmaker 2. Curse of Deserted Bride
Mayan Prophecies. Ship of Spirits
Memory Clinic
Midnight Mysteries 1. Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy
Midnight Mysteries 2
Midnight Mysteries 3. Devil on the Mississippi
Midnight Mysteries 4. Haunted Houdini
Millennium Secrets 1. Emerald Curse
Millennium Secrets 2. Roxanne’s Necklace
Mind’s Eye. Secrets Of The Forgotten
Miss Teri Tale Wheres Jason
Mortimer Beckett 1. The Secrets Of Spooky Manor
Mortimer Beckett 2. The Time Paradox
Mortimer Beckett 3. The Lost King
Mortimer Beckett 4. The Crimson Thief
Motor Town. Soul of the Machine
Mountain Crime. Requital
Mountain Trap. The Manor of Memories
Murder Island. Secret of Tantalus
Murder She Wrote
Mushroom Age
Mysteries of Magic Island
Mysteries of the Mind. Coma
Mysteries of Undead. The Cursed Island
Mysterious City. Vegas
Mystery Age 1. The Imperial Staff
Mystery Age 2. The Dark Priests
Mystery Agency 1. A Vampire’s Kiss
Mystery Agency 2. Secrets of the Orient
Mystery Case Files 1. Huntsville
Mystery Case Files 2. Prime Suspects
Mystery Case Files 3. Ravenhearst
Mystery Case Files 5. Return to Ravenhearst
Mystery Case Files 6. Dire Grove
Mystery Case Files 7. 13th Skull
Mystery Case Files 8. Escape from Ravenhearst
Mystery Case Files 9. Shadow Lake
Mystery Chronicles 1. Murder Among Friends
Mystery Chronicles 2. Betrayals of Love
Mystery Cookbook
Mystery Heritage. Sign of Spirit
Mystery Legends 1. Sleepy Hollow
Mystery Legends 2. The Phantom of the Opera
Mystery Legends 3. Beauty and the Beast
Mystery Murders. Jack the Ripper
Mystery Novel
Mystery of Mortlake Mansion
Mystery of Shark Island
Mystery of the Ancients 1. Lockwood Manor
Mystery of the Ancients 2. Curse of the Black Water
Mystery of The Earl
Mystery of Unicorn Castle
Mystery Stories. Berlin Nights
Mystery Stories. Expedition des Grauens
Mystery Stories. Island Of Hope
Mystery Trackers 1. The Void
Mystery Trackers 2. Raincliff
Mystery Trackers 3. Black Isle
Mystery Trackers 4. Four Aces
Mystery Valley
Mysteryville 1
Mysteryville 2
Mystical Island
Mystic Diary 1. Lost Brother
Mystic Diary 2. Return
Mystic Diary 3. Missing Pages
Mystic Gateways. The Celestial Quest
Mystic Legacy. The Great Ring
Natalie Brooks 1. Secrets Of Treasure House
Natalie Brooks 2. The Treasures Of The Lost Kingdom
Natalie Brooks 3. Mystery At Hillcrest High
National Geographic Adventure. Lost City Of Z
Natural Threat. Ominous Shores
Nemo’s Secret. Vulcania
Neptunes Secret
Nick Chase 1. The Deadly Diamond
Nick Chase 2. A Detective Story
Nightfall Mysteries 1. The Asylum Conspiracy
Nightfall Mysteries 2. Curse of the Opera
Nightfall Mysteries 3. Black Heart
Night in the Opera
Nightmare Adventures 1. The Witchs Prison
Nightmare Adventures 2. The Turning Thorn
Nightmare on the Pacific
Nightmare Realm 1
Nightmare Realm 2. In the End
Nightmares from the Deep. The Cursed Heart
NightShift Legacy. The Jaguar’s Eye
Nocturnal. Boston Nightfall
Nora Roberts. Vision in White
Oddly Enough. Pied Piper
Odysseus. Long Way Home
Once Upon A Time
Otherworld. Spring of Shadows
Our Worst Fears. Stained Skin
Pahelika 1. Secret Legends
Pahelika 2. Revelations
Paige Harper and The Tome Of Mystery
Paranormal Agency
Paranormal Crime Investigations. Brotherhood of the Crescent Snake
Pathfinders. Lost At Sea
Phantasmat 1
Phantasmat 2. Crucible Peak
Portal Of Evil. Stolen Runes
Pretty In Pink
Princess Isabella 1. A Witch’s Curse
Princess Isabella 2. Return of the Curse
Puppet Show 1
Puppet Show 2. Souls of the Innocent
Puppet Show 3. Lost Town
Puppet Show 4. Return to Joyville
Puppet Show 5. Destiny Undone
Pure Hidden
Rangy Lil’s. Wild West Adventure
Real Crimes. Jack the Ripper
Real Crimes. The Unicorn Killer
Reality Show. Fatal Shot
Red Crow Mysteries. Legion
Redemption Cemetery 1. Curse of the Raven
Redemption Cemetery 2. Children’s Plight
Redemption Cemetery 3. Grave Testimony
Redemption Cemetery 4. Salvation of the Lost
Reincarnations 2. Uncover the Past
Reincarnations 3. Back to Reality
Renovate & Relocate. Boston
Resurrection. New Mexico
Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci Letter
Righteous Kill 1
Righteous Kill 2. Revenge of the Poet Killer
Rita James and the Race to Shangri La
Rite of Passage. The Perfect Show
Robin’s Quest. A Legend Born
Robin Hood
Robinson Crusoe 1
Robinson Crusoe 2. The Cursed Pirates
Romance Of Rome
Romancing The Seven Wonders 1. Great Pyramids
Romancing The Seven Wonders 2. Taj Mahal
Route 66
Royal Detective. The Lord of Statues
Royal Trouble
Runaway with the Circus
Sable Maze. Sullivan River
Sacra Terra 1. Angelic Night
Sacra Terra 2. Kiss of Death
Samantha Swift 1. The Hidden Roses Of Athena
Samantha Swift 2. The Golden Touch
Samantha Swift 3. The Mystery from Atlantis
Samantha Swift 4. The Fountains of Fate
Sandra Fleming Chronicles. Crystal Skulls
Sarah Maribu and The Lost World
Secret Mission 1. Mata Hari and The Kaisers Submarines
Secret Mission 2. The Forgotten Island
Secrets Of Great Art
Secrets of Power. Alexander the Great
Secrets of the Dark 1. Temple of Night
Secrets of the Dark 2. Eclipse Mountain
Secrets of the Dragon Wheel
Secrets of the Past. Mother’s Diary
Shades of Death. Royal Blood
Shadows. Price for Our Sins
Shadow Wolf Mysteries 1. Curse of the Full
Shadow Wolf Mysteries 2. Bane of the Family
Shadow Wolf Mysteries 3. Cursed Wedding
Shaolin Mystery 1. Tale Of The Jade Dragon Staff
Shaolin Mystery 2. Revenge of the Terracotta Warriors
Shattered Minds 1. Masquerade
Shattered Minds 2. Encore
Sherlock Holmes and Hound of Baskervilles
Shiver 1. Vanishing Hitchhiker
Shiver 2. Poltergeist
Shutter Island
Silent Nights. The Pianist
Silent Scream. The Dancer
Sinister City
Sister’s Secrecy. Arcanum Bloodlines
Small Town Terrors. Livingston
Snark Busters 1. Welcome to the Club!
Snark Busters 2. All Revved Up!
Snark Busters 3. High Society
Solitaire Mystery. Stolen Power
Soul Journey
Special Enquiry Detail. The Hand That Feeds
Sphera. The Inner Journey
Spirit Factor
Spirit Of Wandering. The Legend
Spirits of Mystery 1. Amber Maiden
Spirits of Mystery 2. Song of the Phoenix
Spirits of Mystery 3. The Dark Minotaur
Spirit Walkers. Curse of the Cypress Witch
Sprill. The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle
Sprill and Ritchie. Adventures In Time
Star Crossed Love
Steve The Sheriff 1
Steve The Sheriff 2
Strange Cases 1. The Tarot Card Mystery
Strange Cases 2. The Lighthouse Mystery
Strange Cases 3. The Secrets of Grey Mist Lake
Stray Souls. Dollhouse Story
Superior Save
Surface 1. Mystery of Another World
Surface 2. The Noise She Couldn’t Make
Surface 3. The Soaring City
Tahiti Hidden Pearls
Tales from The Dragon Mountain. The Strix
Tales of Terror. Crimson Dawn
Tamara the 13th
Tesla’s Tower. The Wardenclyffe Mystery
The Adventures of Diana Salinger
The Agency of Anomalies 1. Mystic Hospital
The Agency of Anomalies 2. Cinderstone Orphanage
The Agency of Anomalies 3. The Last Performance
Theatre of Shadows. As You Wish
Theatre of The Absurd
The Book of Desires
The Chronicles of Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet
The Clockwork Man 1
The Clockwork Man 2. The Hidden World
The Clumsys 1
The Clumsys 2
The Count Of Monte Cristo
The Curse Of The Werewolves
The Dracula Files
The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus
The Enchanted Kingdom. Elisa’s Adventure
The Exorcist I
The Exorcist II
The Exorcist III. Inception of Darkness
The Fall Trilogy Chapter 1. Separation
The Fall Trilogy Chapter 2. Reconstruction
The Fall Trilogy Chapter 3. Revelation
The Fool
The Gift
The Great Unknown. Houdini’s Castle
The Hardy Boys. The Perfect Crime
The Inca’s Legacy. Search Of Golden City
The Invisible Man
The Keepers 1. Lost Progeny
The Keepers 2. The Order’s Last Secret
The Last Mystery Of Cleopatra
The Lost Cases of 221B Baker St
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes
Them. The Summoning
The Magician Handbook 1. Cursed Valley
The Magician Handbook 2. Black Lore
The Marriage Fiction
The Mirror Mysteries
The Missing 1. A Search and Rescue Mystery
The Missing 2. Island of Lost Ships
The Mysterious City. Cairo
The Mysterious City. Golden Prague
The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal
The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal 2. Beyond The Horizon
The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste
The Otherside. Realm of Eons
The Pirate’s Treasure. An Oliver Hook Mystery
The Race. Around the World
The Return of Monte Cristo
The Saint. Abyss of Despair
The Search for Amelia Earhart
The Secret Legacy. A Kate Brooks Adventure
The Secret Of Hildegards
The Secret Order 2. Masked Intent
The Secrets of Arcelia Island
The Serpent Of Isis 1
The Serpent Of Isis 2. Your Journey Continues
The Stone Of Destiny
The Stroke of Midnight
The Sultan’s Labyrinth
The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen
The Tarots Misfortune
The Torment of Whitewall
The Treasures Of Mystery Island 1
The Treasures Of Mystery Island 2. The Gates of Fate
The Treasures Of Mystery Island 3. Ghost Ship
The Tudors
Three Musketeers Secrets. Constance’s Mission
Time Dreamer
Time Dreamer. Temporal Betrayal
Timeless 1. The Forgotten Town
Timeless 2. The Lost Castle
Time Mysteries 1. Inheritance
Time Mysteries 2. The Ancient Spectres
Time Mysteries 3. The Final Enigma
Time Relics. Gears of Light
Time Riddles. The Mansion
Time to Hurry. Nicole’s Story
Top Secret Finders
Trapped. The Abduction
Travelogue 360. Mystery in London
Treasure Hunters 1
Treasure Hunters 2
Treasure Masters
Treasure Seekers 1. Visions Of Gold
Treasure Seekers 2. The Enchanted Canvases
Treasure Seekers 3. Follow The Ghosts
Treasure Seekers 4. The Time Has Come
Tulula. Legend of a Volcano
Twilight City. Love as a Cure
Twilight Phenomena. The Lodgers of House 13
Twisted. A Haunted Carol
Twisted Lands 1. Shadow Town
Twisted Lands 2. Insomniac
Twisted Lands 3. Origin
Unexpected Journey
Unfinished Tales. Illicit Love
Unlikely Suspects
Unsolved Mystery Club 1. Ancient Astronauts
Unsolved Mystery Club 2. Amelia Earhart
Urban Legends. The Maze
Vampire Brides. Love Over Death
Vampire Mansion – A Linda Hyde Mystery
Vampire Saga 1. Pandora’s Box
Vampire Saga 2. Welcome To Hell Lock
Vampire Saga 3. Break Out
Vaultcracker. The Last Safe
Veronica Rivers 1. Portals To The Unknown
Veronica Rivers 2. The Order Of Conspiracy
Victorian Mysteries 1. Woman in White
Victorian Mysteries 2. The Yellow Room
Voodoo Chronicles. The First Sign
Voodoo Whisperer. Curse of a Legend
Walsingham‘s Manor. Verlies der Seelen
Web of Deceit. Black Widow
Weekend Party Fashion Show
Weird Park 1. Broken Tune
Weird Park 2. Scary Tales
Whispered Stories. Sandman
White Haven Mysteries
Witches’ Legacy. The Charleston Curse
Witch Hunters. Stolen Beauty
Wolfgang Hohlbein’s The Inquisitor
Womens Murder Club. Death In Scarlet
Wonder World
Written Legends. Nightmare At Sea
Youda Legend. The Golden Bird of Paradise
Youda Mystery. The Stanwick Legacy
Zulu’s Zoo
Масяня 1. Под желтым прессом
Масяня 2. В полной Африке
Масяня 3. Евротур
Маша 1. Рождественская Сказка
Маша 2. Сказочная страна
Папины дочки 1
Папины дочки 2